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Money Machine NC60 Value Counter


Product Highlights

The NC60 is compatible with both polymer and old banknotes, making it suitable for a wide range of currencies. It also offers USB and SD update ports, allowing for free currency updates to keep up with changing currency designs and security features. The NC60’s cutting-edge CIS technology ensures accurate counting and reliable counterfeit detection, providing businesses with a trustworthy and efficient solution for cash handling.

The NC60 Value Counter is a highly capable and reliable money counting machine that offers advanced features, accurate counting, and robust counterfeit detection. Whether you are a retail store, casino, bank, or any other business that handles cash, the NC60 is an essential tool for efficient and secure cash management.

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Money Machine: NC60 Value Counter

The NC60 takes accuracy and functionality to the next level with its state-of-the-art features. Equipped with dual CIS sensors, it can count mixed-notes for advanced currencies like the US dollar. In fact, it can even count up to 4 mixed currencies simultaneously. With a 100% accuracy rating certified by the Bank of England, the NC60 guarantees the best results. Its unique capabilities, such as serial number scanning, rogue denomination detection, and automatic currency recognition, make it a highly capable money counting machine. The full-color display with quick menu ensures easy navigation to various features. The top-loading hopper allows for continuous counting at high speed (1,200 notes/min), and the back cover opens for easy cleaning. Batch counting and add functions help organize cash, and count reports can be exported to a PC or the optional P20 printer.

Mixed Denomination Value Counting

Simply place unsorted or sorted banknotes in the hopper, and the NC60 will automatically recognize the currency and start counting. It scans and reads denominations in any orientation, displaying the total value, quantity counted, and breakdown per denomination. The NC60 can also count vouchers, tickets, and sorted banknotes in any currency. Its dual CIS technology enables it to value count even the most advanced currencies.

100% Accurate Counterfeit Detection

The NC60 not only counts banknotes but also verifies their authenticity. If a counterfeit banknote is detected, the machine pauses counting and alerts you with visual and audio warnings. Simply remove the counterfeit banknote and press start to resume counting. The NC60 examines eleven advanced security features on each banknote, including ultraviolet, magnetic, infrared, metallic thread, 3D, serial number, color, image, length, width, and thickness. Tested by major central banks and certified by the Bank of England, the NC60 ensures 100% accurate counterfeit detection.

Count & Verify All Currencies

In addition to counting unsorted banknotes, the NC60 can count sorted banknotes for all currencies and denominations. Its high-specification sensors allow for up to 5 counterfeit detections for any currency. The counterfeit detection is fully adjustable, offering maximum flexibility for future currency technology.

Installed Currencies

The NC60 comes pre-installed with the following currencies: GBP (British Pound Sterling – English banknotes only), USD (United States Dollar), and EURO. Contact us for the installation of up to 15 currencies, subject to availability.

In conclusion, the NC60 Value Counter is a cutting-edge money counting machine that offers high accuracy, advanced counterfeit detection, and convenient features for efficient cash handling. Its versatility and reliability make it an essential tool for businesses dealing with large volumes of banknotes.


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