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Lemon Diesel Seeds



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One of the great things about Lemon Diesel is the well formulated high that it produces. It’s not too strong for beginners but just the right blend of happy and upbeat vibes with a generally chillaxed effect.

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Lemon Diesel Strain History

Lemon Diesel is a full-bodied 70/30 indica hybrid cannabis strain. Green Lantern Seeds created this one by crossing Lost Coast OG with a California Sour. In the ever-changing cannabis market, Lemon Diesel continues to attract fans with her fuel-like aroma and impressive body high. Lemon Diesel ranked in the top 10 at the 2010 Emerald Cup, one of the most demanding growing competitions in North America. As well as that, one of the great things about LD is the well formulated high that it produces. Thus, not too strong for beginners but just the right blend of happy and upbeat vibes with a generally chillaxed effect.


Lemon Diesel buds are small and compact like a tiny house loaded with honeyed crystals. The flowers are sea green with purple/gray leaves and painted with marigold orange colored hairs.


Immediately, an unmistakable sour lemon skunkiness excites the senses on the first sniff. Squeezing the buds unleashes the petrol-like aroma typical to the Sour Diesel family strains. The first puff reveals a complex salty lemon and spicy diesel taste that leaves you hooked.

Lemon Diesel Terpenes

Lemon Diesel has a unique balance of the terpenes beta-caryophyllene, limonene, and bisabolol. Peppery, citrus, petrol, and chamomile like aromas emanate from the buds. These terpenes have calming effects as well as being beneficial for skin health and managing inflammation.


Lemon Diesel is a valuable medical strain often used to provide relief from conditions like arthritis and migraines. The inspiring mental boost can be helpful to users dealing with anxiety, stress, and depression. Some individuals experience increased appetite and a reduction in nausea. Lemon D has been a valuable strain useful to patients undergoing chemotherapy, and those with eating disorders. Overall THC levels measure in the 15-23% range with a low CBD of .07%.


The Lemon Diesel high starts with a soothing cerebral buzz leaving you feeling energized and carefree. Then, a boost in focus and creativity follows, redirecting negative thoughts and providing an optimistic mood. Lemon Diesel is great for relieving stress and nausea as well as promoting full body relaxation. There is a strong and positive head high that frees you from momentary worries and dispels the ego. Furthermore, the pain-relieving effects gently roll from your head to toes while managing to keep you awake and aware of your surroundings. Lemon Diesel can help to keep you productive and on track during chaotic times.

Growing Lemon Diesel Seeds

It should be noted that LD is a mostly indica cannabis strain and flowers in 56-63 days or by mid-October when grown outside. In addition, the average outdoor yield is a legit 23-28oz/plant. Indoor plants require 8-10 weeks of flowering and produce 16oz/m2. The dense bud structure of Lemon Diesel makes it well-suited for the SOG or SCROG growing techniques. For instance, growing with this method is great for gardeners with smaller garden spaces or several growing tables. Lemon Diesel grows to an average height of 4 feet. The plants’ lime green colas are medium-sized but very dense. Eventually, as the plant matures, its long yellow-green pistils turn to dark amber. Lemon Diesel plants thrive both indoors and out, with resistance to most common pests and mold.


Sex Feminized
Pack Size 10 Seeds, 25 Seeds, 50 Seeds, 100 Seeds25 Seeds
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Plant Type Hybrid
THC Content 22% THC
CBD Content > 1% CBD
Plant Height 5 Feet Tall
Plant Yield 300 – 400 grams per plant
Flowering Time 60 – 70 days
Harvest Month October
Flavor and Aroma Citrus, Lemon, Pepper, Skunk
Effects Creative, Energetic, Euphoric, Focused, Uplifted
Medicinal Benefits Anxiety, Arthritis, Depression, Fatigue, Migraines, Stress

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10 Seeds, 25 Seeds, 50 Seeds, 100 Seeds


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