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Banana Runtz (AA)



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Banana Runtz is a hybrid marijuana strain that has quickly gained popularity for its unique flavour profile and balanced effects. A cross between the classic Zkittlez and Gelato strains, Banana Runtz has a strong lineage that’s reflected in its potent yet nuanced impact. This cannabis strain has been gaining a following for its delightful tropical flavours and mood-enhancing properties.

Appearance, Aroma, and Flavour
In terms of appearance, Banana Runtz boasts dense, compact buds that are covered in a layer of sparkling trichomes. The buds are typically light green with hues of purple and a scattering of orange hairs. The aroma is a captivating blend of fruity banana and tropical notes, underpinned by a subtle earthiness. When it comes to flavour, you can expect a similar fruity sweetness, highlighted by hints of banana and tropical fruits.

Effects and Medical Uses
Upon consumption, Banana Runtz delivers a balanced experience that is both uplifting and relaxing. Users often report feeling happier and more focused initially, followed by a gentle, calming body high. These balanced effects make it a versatile option for a variety of medical uses, including stress relief, pain management, and combating symptoms of depression or anxiety.

Strain Grade AA
Strain Type Hybrid
Aromas/Flavours Banana, Earthy, Sweet, Tropical
Effects Euphoria, Happy, Relaxation
Medical Uses Anxiety, Depression, Pain, Stress
THC Content 17% THC

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