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70% Dark Magic Mushroom Chocolate – Penis Envy Blend


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70% Dark Magic Mushroom Chocolate – Penis Envy Blend

Divine shroom edibles. 3 grams of Penis Envy magic mushrooms per chocolate bar.

Three Amigo’s Psilocybin PE Dark Chocolate Bar is divine in more ways than one. We take pride in our ingredients and our small batch process. We use 70% dark Criollo cacao that is organic, fair-trade and sourced from lowland regions of Ecuador, which is blended with locally- grown Penis Envy magic mushrooms. The Criollo cacao provides a rich and satisfying taste without the bitterness that accompanies typical dark chocolate. Our chocolate is hand-crafted using low temperatures and slower processing to preserve the nutrients, micronutrients and antioxidants inside the chocolate.

Our chocolate bar is perfect for micro-dosing or sharing a trip with friends.

Please be responsible, 3 grams of Penis Envy is considered a VERY strong dose, and if you consume the whole bar in one sitting we highly recommend you have a friend or loved one to act as a sitter for the impending trip .


Fair-trade organic Ecuadorian Criollo cacao paste and raw cacao butter (70%), coconut sugar, monk fruit.
3 grams of Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe cubensis).

We are not an allergen-free facility.


PLEASE NOTE: This label has an error on the ingredients: it states 60% Cacao paste when in fact, this bar contains 70% cacao. We will rectify this when we print new labels.


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