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24K Gold Seeds



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24K Gold is an exciting new strain that crosses Kosher Kush and the divine tasting Tangie. This strain is an indica dominant hybrid that comes with a potent, fast-acting and long-lasting high.

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24K Gold Marijuana Seeds

24K Gold is one of the most exciting new strains available. Originally bred by DNA Genetics in Amsterdam, 24K Gold is a cross of two highly respected parents, the super-potent knockdown Kosher Kush aka Jew’s Gold and the divine tasting Tangie. This strain is an indica dominant hybrid that has joined the best characteristics of the indica and sativa families. The high is potent, fast-acting and long-lasting. The initial effects are felt almost immediately as a heady tingling sensation then, within fifteen minutes it spreads to the rest of the body and leaves you in a very relaxed and chilled out state.

24K Gold Taste

The taste features the iconic piney kush flavor with some bright orange and citrus tang thanks to the Tangie genetics. The smoke is earthy and smooth but very expansive in the lungs. Although the high is rather strong, it is generally a chill and manageable one that doesn’t give you paranoia or uneasiness. 24K Gold is a great strain to use if you are looking for relief from anxiety and stress. The high is powerful but relaxed. You don’t feel super disoriented and crushed like can happen sometimes after using a similarly potent Kush variety. Because of this, you might not realize how high you are until you discover that you’ve spent the last few hours thinking about what to have for dinner or which movie to watch.


24K Gold has a THC content measured from 18-24% and a CBD of .2%. 24K Gold is ideal for heavy-duty smokers and medical users looking to ease stress, headaches, insomnia, and depression. The high is long-lasting but thanks to the sativa lineage won’t leave you with a strong weed hangover the next day.

Growing 24K Gold

24k Gold is an easy to grow strain that’s great for rookie gardeners. The plants grow very resilient and will tolerate most climates and grow setups with ease. Minor stress from over and underfeeding is unlikely to hinder the final product. The plant grows more similar to an indica variety but with lots of stretchiness and, it has an above-average bud to leaf ratio. The flowers are fairly dense and shaped like little Christmas trees with light green coloring, rusty orange hairs and a glossy covering of crystals.

24K Gold is one of the taller growing kush dominant strains, using supports during flowering will help to keep the buds from falling over and out of the light. 24K Gold does well in SCROG and SOG gardens. Flowering time is 9-10 weeks indoors and will finish in mid to late October grown outdoors. The average yield you can expect is about 16oz/m2 inside and 21oz/plant outside. The flowers have a very pronounced fresh orange and skunky aroma. This is not a low odor strain so be sure to use air filtration if you plan on growing indoors. Amazing smell, great taste, and an enjoyable high should be reason enough to give this epic strain a try.


Sex Feminized, Regular
Pack Size 10 Seeds, 25 Seeds, 50 Seeds, 100 Seeds
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Plant Type Mostly Indica
THC Content 22% THC
CBD Content > 1% CBD
Plant Height 2 – 3 Feet Tall
Plant Yield 400 – 550 grams per plant
Flowering Time 60 – 70 days
Harvest Month October
Grow Environment Greenhouse
Flavor and Aroma Citrus, Orange, Pepper
Effects Creative, Energetic, Euphoric, Relaxed, Uplifted
Medicinal Benefits Anxiety, Arthritis, Depression, Inflammation, Migraines, Stress

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10 Seeds, 25 Seeds, 50 Seeds, 100 Seeds


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